Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid Benefits

Many Americans get health coverage through Medicaid Benefits year irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, and religion. In other words, it is the nation`s public health insurance program for poverty-stricken underprivileged citizens.

The majority of Medicaid enrollees cannot afford any health plans. Thus, they do not get any health insurance from anywhere. However, with states’ help, the Medicaid program finances numerous institutions. These institutions include hospitals, community health centers, nursing homes, and physicians . This helps the underprivileged get proper medical attention. Moreover, it also creates jobs for the locals in the healthcare sector throughout the United States.

This article will share some of the primary Medicaid benefits that people from across the United States enjoy. But, before we dive deep into the benefits, let’s discuss the eligibility criteria:

Eligibility for Medicaid

Anyone can apply for the Medicaid benefits if he or she is meeting the following criteria;

  • Applicant must be a resident of the state in which he or she is applying for the Medicaid benefits
  • His/her financial condition would be characterized as low or an elder law attorney is consulted
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or Green card holder

You may visit your state Medicaid page for further details and ensure certain age and pregnancy status limits. However, the limits vary from state to state.

Primary Medicaid benefits

List of Mandatory & Optional Medicaid Benefits

By federal law, the citizens of the United States have the right to receive mandatory benefits by their respective states. In contrast, the states, if they choose, can cover the optional benefits. Some of the most common Medicaid benefits are:

Mandatory Services

  • Inpatient/Outpatient hospital services
  • Early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment services
  • Federally qualified health center services
  • Laboratory and X-ray services
  • Freestanding birth center services
  • Transportation to medical care

Optional Medicaid Services

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Clinic services
  • Physical/Occupational therapy
  • Respiratory care services
  • Chiropractic services
  • TB Related Services

Segments of Population Who Can Obtain the Medicaid Services

Low-Income Families

Medicaid services are offered to children from low-income families to receive routine and specialized care for childhood development. Moreover, women from low- income families are given prenatal care and costs associated with delivery. Also, qualified members from low-income families receive coverage for unexpected emergency situations

Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities entitled to Medicaid Services include speech and occupational therapy of children with autism. It can also be used for helping patients with cerebral palsy. Moreover, it can also be used to cover physician services and medication to HIV/AIDS and patients with mental illness

Elderly Individuals May Receive Help

  • Paying the medical premiums of elderly patients
  • Ensuring the provision of community-based care
  • Assisting the nursing care residents

Elderly Individuals May Receive Help


In conclusion, Medicaid provides comprehensive health coverage for many Americans each year. Especially, those from low-income families. Moreover, Medicaid benefits go beyond acute health care; it also covers the long-term care of millions across the United States.

In case you are eligible to receive Medicaid benefits but cannot apply or have trouble navigating the Medicaid application, please visit our website KaniaElderLaw and let us know about your situation. Our attorney will assist you in the process.

Medicaid Benefits Planning

Medicaid Benefits Planning

Planning is a vital aspect in every sphere of life. With good plans, you can achieve the unattainable. A person deprived of planning is likely to miss out on what he/she aimed to attain in life. Know that if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail.

Most of us think that our loved ones are healthy, and there is no need to consult a Medicaid Planner. Rest assured that preparing in advance is the key to success. Precisely speaking, the best time to think and formulate a plan is before the actual need arises.

Just like someone can sit in the shade and enjoy the delicious fruits today because someone else planted a tree a long time ago. Likewise, you can enjoy the benefits tomorrow if you make good plans today.

Many families end up paying much more for nursing home costs and other long-term care costs without Medicaid benefits planning. Some even end up selling their assets to bear the costs. Devising plans in advance can help you save your assets and save yourself from the possible psychological agony you might have had without the planning.

Understanding Medicaid Planning

The term Medicaid Planning refers to a myriad of services offered by a wide range of professionals to potential Medicaid applicants to prepare their Medicaid application.

It’s all about assisting the applicant with collecting and preparing their documents and sometimes completely restructuring their assets through the advice of an attorney. If the annual income is over the eligibility for Medicaid criteria, then the attorney may prepare a Qualified Income Trust.

Also, the conversion of excess resources into non-countable assets becomes vital to Medicaid planning and is something a Medicaid planning attorney can do.

Many other challenges can pop-up in the quest for meeting the eligibility for Medicaid; however, a qualified attorney can help you cope with them effectively.

Types of Medicaid Planners

There are many options for you when it comes to choosing a Medicaid planner. However, the most appropriate one depends on an array of elements, such as your finances, health, age, marital status, and above all, the state of residence. Some of the Medicaid planners include:

  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Eldercare Financial Planners
  • Insurance Agents

Medicaid Benefits Cost

The assistance cost for Medicaid Benefits Planning usually ranges depending on various factors such as income and assets of an individual, marital status, homeownership, and life insurance. It may be a good idea to find an attorney who charges flat fees for Medicaid planning. It is legal and ethical to engage in Medicaid planning, and it is much needed in today’s age when the medical care costs are staggering.

Key Take-Aways

It takes good planning to draft an application that can help you meet the eligibility for Medicaid. To assist with this, you may consult with professional attorneys who can walk you through the whole process.

Our attorney takes pride in assisting families with qualification for Medicaid Benefits. If you are looking for a free consultation, please visit our website.